City-to-City College Rideshare

SoCal Student Rideshare

Connecting student drivers and riders going to the same city

New weekly scheduled rides starting at $29/seat

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Filtering Rides

10x Less Scrolling than FB Rideshare Groups

On average, we all spend at least 15 minutes to scroll on Facebook to find a ride. When you look for a ride, it should be easy, fast, and stress-free

Trip Protection

Cancellation refund policy for passengers and drivers

With a cancellation penalty, we encourage both UCSB riders and drivers to be accountable and reliable

User Profile and


Know who you’re in the car with

You can preview your passenger or driver’s profile to see if they are trustworthy. Our built in rating system also lets you leave and receive reviews from fellow PoolUppers.

Affordable Pricing

Made for college students, with student budgets in mind

No more paying $200 for a round trip flight or $60 for a slow train ride. With PoolUp, only pay for reasonable costs for your trips.​

On weekends when all the busses and trains were booked, PoolUp saved the day!! You get cheap rides and you can give rides to those in need while covering your own expenses. Everyone was so lovely. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Jaclyn Weidaw

 SBCC '21